AmmoBot Stub Handle


Please see the table for Published Lead Time Estimates for a lead time estimate on this product.

There are folks out there that have voiced a concern about the handle being left on the press with our machines.  Even though the handle doesn't move very quickly, people worry that they will be struck.  Due to this we are offering a shortened handle for those who are interested in lessening the perceived risk of the handle moving up and down.  This handle is 10 5/8" long from end to end.  When placed on the press, only about 5" of the handle protrudes from the drive wheel.  That means you have to be almost "hugging" your press to come in contact with the handle while your machine is running.  If you're standing that close, you are too close to the press.  Location divot has been machined into the handle for proper location with the set screw.

These handles are included with all AmmoBot Auto Drives at no extra cost.

We have placed a stock handle in the picture for reference purposes.