The New XL750 Is Out, and No We Won't Automate It

Posted by AmmoBot on Aug 4th 2019

Dillon Precision Products, Inc. has released a new press of late.  It is the XL750, and it replaces the XL650 in their lineup.Just as with the XL650, we will not be offering automation for the XL … read more

Sometimes You Just Have to Do the Right Thing

Posted by AmmoBot on Apr 28th 2019

Have you ever pulled into a car dealership and seen advertising stating "free tires with purchase of a new car!"?  No?  I bet you never wondered "Now why don't they advertise the free tir … read more

AmmoBot Rev2 to Rev3 Upgrades

Posted by AmmoBot on Aug 22nd 2018

There seems to be an elephant in the room, and we need to address it.  Quite a few people have asked us why there is no upgrade path from Rev2 to the new Rev3 system.  The reason for this is … read more

If You're Going to Automate, You Need a 1050

Posted by AmmoBot on Aug 21st 2018

There have been many people over the course of the past year who have asked us if we are going to develop an automation platform for many other presses aside from the Dillon 1050.  The answer … read more