AmmoBot Rev2 to Rev3 Upgrades

Posted by AmmoBot on Aug 22nd 2018

There seems to be an elephant in the room, and we need to address it.  Quite a few people have asked us why there is no upgrade path from Rev2 to the new Rev3 system.  The reason for this is pretty simple:  economics.

The Rev3 system is a whole new machine.  All of the electronics have been changed and/or redesigned to give our customers all the functionality they have asked for, and some they didn't think was possible.  Because of this, the cost of an upgrade from one system to the other would be nearly as much as the price of a whole new machine.  Just as much work goes into building an "upgrade" as goes into building a whole AmmoBot system.

Why don't we offset this by offering a trade in, you ask?  Well, we don't need it to tell the truth.  We have discontinued the Rev2 and on top of that, we would NEVER take used equipment in trade and then pass it off to our customers as new.  Other companies might think that is the right thing to do to offset the cost of upgrading their equipment, but we think it's flat wrong.

The bottom line is, an existing customer would be better off buying a Rev3 and selling the Rev2 on the used market.  If they ask for and receive a fair price, they're far better off than if they just bought the equipment to upgrade.

Also, we intend to keep supporting the Rev2 AmmoBot for the foreseeable future.  If the need arises to put out a software update, or we are able to expand functionality by the addition of another sensor like the ImmortoBot Diamondback Bullet Orientation Sensor, we will still do so.  The Rev2 is still our product, and we are still just as proud of it as the day we announced its release.