Published Lead Time Estimates

Notice:  We are pleased to announce that Dillon Automation/Dillon Precision has acquired substantially all of the assets of AmmoBot, including all intellectual property rights relating to the company’s product line. Dillon Automation/Dillon Precision intends to immediately commence efforts to further develop and improve upon the current technology, with the goal of bringing a new generation of auto-drive units and related accessories to market in the near future. AmmoBot will retain warranty service responsibility for existing auto-drive generations and related accessories currently in the field, in accordance with its established service channels and procedures. 

The AmmoBot development team will be part of the crew in an advisory role as development and production is transitioned to Dillon Automation/Dillon Precision’s headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, where Dillon Automation/Dillon Precision’s extensive expertise and experience in rapid prototyping and lean manufacturing processes will be brought to bear in this growing market segment.

All sales of AmmoBot auto drives and accessories are currently suspended while production is moved to Scottsdale.