AmmoBot Auto Drive Rev3 for Dillon 1050


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There are many people out there that have Dillon 1050 presses. Those who wish to run the press at or above the 1200 rounds per hour that the 1050 is rated for must risk repetitive stress injuries and cause the press to shake so much is begins to malfunction. People can buy expensive machines to automate the press, but they require modification to the 1050 and cannot be run interchangeably. Many existing automation machines also must have the speed specified at the time of order and cannot be changed by the end user.

The machine we have designed requires no modification to the 1050. It works using the existing handle, so you can run the machine manually during setup or to fix any malfunctions. You can adjust the speed of the machine at will just by turning a dial. It also allows for much smoother operation than running the machine manually.

All AmmoBot machines are built to order.  

Improvements Over the AmmoBot Rev2 Auto Drive

  • Faster Top Loading Speed.  The Rev3 boasts a top speed of around 3,000 cycles per hour (CPH) in normal "Loading Mode".  
  • State-of-the-Art Drive System. The new Rev3 uses a brand new Adaptive Vector Drive.  The first of its kind to be used in this type of application.  
  • Smart Torque Limits. No need to worry about adjusting "clutches" of any kind.  Our Adaptive Vector Drive uses predictive modeling to insure you have the power you need, when you need it while also protecting you from over-torque when jams occur.
  • Low Motor Noise.  The Adaptive Vector Drive and closed-loop hybrid servo motor means you still get all the power and speed we've always given you, but with much less motor noise.
  • Low Motor Heating.  Gone are the days of the motor fins and fans.  The Adaptive Vector Drive gives you power when you need it, and not when you don't.  That means the motor uses less power and doesn't heat up like previous models.  Even after running for hours your motor is still cool.
  • Continued Collaboration and Innovation.  We are continuing down the path started with the Rev2 by using scalable communications systems to allow multiple smart sensors to talk to our control system.  We will continue to work with other innovators to bring the most advanced sensors possible at a price you can afford.

Further proof that, with AmmoBot, you can still Load Smarter!®

Included in the box:

  • AmmoBot Rev3 Auto Drive
  • Low primer sensor
  • Handheld remote shut off
  • Stub handle

Dillon Super 1050 and bullet feeder are NOT INCLUDED.

Product Note: ‚ÄčIt is highly recommended that you use case lubricant on ALL ammunition processed on an AmmoBot/1050 setup.  We recommend using 1-2 shots of Dillon Case Lube per hopper full of brass for pistol cases and 2-3 shots per hopper full on rifle cases.  Case lubricant stops the brass from smearing upon resizing and also decreases the chance of press jams.

U.S. Pat. No. 9,664,488; 9,879,961; 9,982,982 and Patents Pending

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