The New XL750 Is Out, and No We Won't Automate It

Posted by AmmoBot on Aug 4th 2019

Dillon Precision Products, Inc. has released a new press of late.  It is the XL750, and it replaces the XL650 in their lineup.

Just as with the XL650, we will not be offering automation for the XL750 press.  The reasons behind our decision on this remain unaltered.  If You're Going to Automate, You Need a 1050

If you want an automated press, we suggest taking advantage of the phenomenal resale value of your 650 or 750 and buy a press suited to the task.

You can see our automation lineup for these presses by clicking this link.

Edit:  We would also like to point out that it is unethical to automate a press that has a "Lifetime, no BS warranty" and then expect Dillon Precision to fix the press when it breaks due to the automation.  We refuse to be party to this type of behavior, which is another reason we won't automate the 750.