Published Lead Time Estimates

This is the official list of published lead time estimates.  If you want to know the estimated wait time from the time of order to the time of shipment, this is the place.  Lead time estimates are measured from the date of order (with us) until the date of shipment.  Please see the below table:


 AmmoBot Auto Drive 1050   3-6 Weeks 
 AmmoBot Auto Drive CP2000 or RL1100   3-6 Weeks 
 AmmoBot Case Extractor 1050  3-4 Weeks 
 AmmoBot Case Extractor CP2000   3-4 Weeks 
 AmmoBot Primer Pocket Probe 1050  1-3 Weeks 
 AmmoBot Primer Pocket Probe CP2000 or RL1100   1-3 Weeks 
 All Other "In Stock" Items   3 Business Days